Salem is an American TV series inspired by the real Salem witch trials recorded in history. Set out in the 17th century era of Massachusets, Mary Sibley, a witch and wife of wealthy George Sibley, finds herself in a time of epic witch hunts and a religious battle for what’s right and wrong, guilt and innocence and societal battle feud over properties. Love is not absent in the series, and a good amount of it is spent between Mary and her lover John Alden, played by Shane West. It explores the world and reasons behind the infamous Salem Witch trials, bringing in thrill and fright with each new episode. Currently, Salem is in its second season. It airs every Sunday on WGNAMER at 10:00 PM.
This was the third season of the all time- favorite anthology, American Horror Story, set in New Orleans. It follows the plight of a coven of Salem witches’ descendants in a boarding school, as they battle other witches, curses and personal demons in their fight to live. The season has concluded but the fifth season of American Horror Story centering a hotel is currently on-going and is broadcast in FX television.
The series centers on a family of Beauchamp witches in a fictional town of East End in America. Firstly unaware of their powers, the daughters lived simple lives, but the drama and adventure begins when they discover their true nature. Witches of East End is inspired by Melissa de la Cruz’s novel of the same title. The third season is currently cancelled, but the first two seasons are guaranteed to make you want for more. It was aired in Lifetime.
Airing every Mondays at 9:00PM on Fox, Sleepy Hollow remains as one of the most watched TV series at home. Ichabod Crane, a leading character in the story, comes back to life after his nemesis Headless Horseman was resurrected in present-day. This series moves each viewer with its mysterious atmosphere, mixed with exciting twists and turns.
A British-American horror-drama TV series centering around the life of a group of characters confronting inner and outer demons, while battling curses, beasts and themselves. The series brings to life iconic figures such as Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray in a suspense, mystery filled Victorian London.It airs every Wednesday at 8:00PM on SHOW.
An American TV series, The Originals is a spin-off of all-time favorite Vampire Diaries and follows the lives of Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson. It begins with the cast going home to New Orleans, finding it in the control of Marcel. Currently, The Originals is in its third season and airs on The CW every Monday at 8:00 PM..
The magic continues with the second season of Good Witch. Starring Catherine Bell as Cassie, the “Good Witch”, the series is a mixture of drama and comedy, charming audiences from every age group. The locale is set at Middleton, USA, where both Cassie and her teenage daughter now live under the suspicion of the new neighbors. The second installment will be aired in Hallmark Channel.