Now that Halloween is just mere 2 months away, we know your children’ll love to hear the messiest, heart-stopping stories. And then let out a blood curling scream when we get to the scariest part…. But so you could help set the mood up for them for the Halloween celebration, we’ve taken the time to find the best four short stories which is perfect for your kids. Enjoy!

There was a young girl who was very willful. She never obeyed when her elders spoke to her.
She told her parents one day, “I have heard so much of the old witch that I will go and see her. People say she is a wonderful old woman, and has many marvellous things in her house, and I am very curious to see them.’ But her parents would not let her go. But the girl was not obedient, and followed her will. She went to the house of the witch. When she arrived, the old woman who lived in the house asked her.

‘Why are you so pale?’
‘Ah,’ she replied, ‘I have frightened myself so with what I have just seen.’
‘And what did you see?’
‘I saw a black man on your steps.’ answered the girl.

‘That was a collier,’ said the old woman
‘Then I saw a gray man.’

‘That was a sportsman,’ said the old woman.
‘After him I saw a blood-red man.’

‘That was a butcher,’ replied the old woman. ‘But, oh, I was most terrified,’ continued the girl, ‘when I peeped through your window, and saw not you, but a creature with a fiery head.’‘Then you have seen the witch in her proper dress,’ the old woman answered. ‘For you I have long waited, and now you shall give me light.’

Then the witch turned the little girl into a block of wood and threw it into the fire on her hearth. When the wood was fully blazing, she sat in front of her hearth and warmed herself, then said: ‘How good I feel! The fire has not burned like this for a long time!’

A child lived on a small farm at the edge of a huge forest, the “Wretched Woods” where a very old and very powerful witch lived.

One autumn night, the child’s father grew very ill. He begged his son to rush through Wretched Woods into the nearby town for a doctor. His father told him: “ When you enter the Wretched Woods. You must promise to obey these three rules: Don’t stray from the road, no matter what you think you hear. Don’t trust your eyes, no matter what you think you see. Don’t accept any gift, no matter what you think it is.”

white lambThe child agreed and headed to the Wretched Woods. On his way, he heard a strange cry and a splash of water. Then he saw a clearing in the trees and an old cottage. In a pool beside it, was a drowning white lamb. So the child left the road, jumped into the water and helped the white lamb.

Poof! The white lamb turned into an old ugly witch, dressed in black, with green skin, crooked nose and yellow eyes.

wich and broom dancing“Well, well, well,” said the witch. “Do not be frightened, my child, for I am deeply grateful to you. I was picking waterberries when I slipped and fell. I know you love lambs, so when I was drowning I turned myself into one so you will help me. As a reward, I shall grant you three wishes.”

The child remembered what his father had told him and refused the witch’s offer. But the witch said: “Your father would be proud of you. But he would be ashamed of you, if you let good wishes go to waste while so many people are suffering. Why not use this magic to help those less fortunate than you? Would it be selfish to grant a wish to others in need?”

“I wish that every poor, hungry family in this county will enjoy a big, fine feast this very day”, said the child. And it was done.

The child went on his way. He grew hungry and went to eat at at inn. Inside, he heard people praising the town’s Sheriff for the miracle of food. Hearing this, the child grew angry and revealed that the miracle was by magic. He was arrested and sentenced to hanging the next day.

As he cried the witch appeared. “Oh, boo-hoo. So tell me sweet child, what is your second wish.”

“I wish to be freed from this prison cell!” And it was done. When the Sheriff’s men saw him, they chased after him while the witch laughed.

The child grabbed the witch’s hand and shouted: “This is all your doing. I wish it was you to be punished instead of me!” Then in a blink of an eye, he was standing in the witch’s place. He now had black robes, green skin, crooked nose and yellow eyes. The witch was inside his original body and was being dragged to be punished.

The child returned to the witch’s cottage and brewed up a potion that would cure his father. He gave it to his father at nightfall, so that he will not see his son’s face.

When his father had drank the brew, the child bent down and kissed his forehead, and bade him goodbye.

In Russia, a peasant lived with his wife and two children who were twins. One day his wife died and he mourned for him for a long time. Thinking that his house will be better if he had another wife, he married again.

The stepmother was an envious woman, and she was jealous of her stepson and stepdaughter. One day, a wicked thought entered in her mind- to rid them all together. The wicked thought grew within her and she determined to send the children to the wicked witch, thinking sure enough that they’ll never return.

“Dear children,” she said , “go to my grandmother who lives in the forest in a hut on hen’s feet. You will do everything she wants you to, and she will give you sweet things to eat and you will be happy.”

The children went, not to the witch, but to their good grandmother.

“Oh, my poor darlings!, my heart aches for you, but it is not in my power to help you. You have to go not to a loving grandmother, but to a wicked witch. Now listen to me, my darlings,” she continued; “I will give you a hint: Be kind and good to every one; do not speak ill words to any one; do not despise helping the weakest, and always hope that for you, too, there will be the needed help.” She gave the children delicious fresh milk, cookies and a big slice of ham to each.

The obedient children arrived went and arrived at the hut. When the hut opened, they saw the witch who was named Baba Yaga rested there, and they were afraid. Yet they said politely: “Ho, grandmother, our stepmother sent us to thee to serve thee.”

“All right; I am not opposed to keeping you, children. If you satisfy all my wishes I shall reward you; if not, I shall eat you up.”

Without any delay she set the sister to spin the thread and the brother to carry water in a sieve to fill a big tub. The poor orphan girl wept her spinning-wheel and wiped away her tears. At once all around her appeared small mice squeaking and saying:

“Sweet girl, do not cry. Give us cookies and we will help thee.” And she did. The mice advised her to find the cat. While on her way to find the cat she passed by her brother, who was struggling to fill the sieve. So many times he had filled the sieve but the tub was still dry. Then, little birds chirped:
“Kind-hearted little children, give us some crumbs and we will advise you.” And they did. Then the birds advised them to use clay and water, which they followed, and the tub got filled instantly.

On their way in they met the cat and generously gave it food.

“Dear Kitty-cat, black and pretty, tell us what to do in order to get away from thy mistress, the witch?”
“Well, I will give you a towel and a comb and then you must run away. When you hear the witch running after you, drop the towel behind your back and a large river will appear in place of the towel. If you hear her once more, throw down the comb and in place of the comb there will appear a dark wood. This wood will protect you from the wicked witch, my mistress.”

Then the orphan went to bed- a straw bed on a very cold corner of the house. The next morning the witch came and ordered the sister to weave all linen and the brother to get a large supply of firewood from the forest.
When she had gone, the children took the towel and the comb and ran away. When the dogs chased them, they gave them cookies. They smoothed the gates with oil. When the birch tree tried to scratch their eyes, the children gave it ribbon.

Baba Yaga came home to find the children gone.

“Where are the children? Why hast thou all let them go?

The cat answered: “Well, it was because I have served you so many years and you have never given me a bite, while the dear children gave me some good ham.”
“Well,” barked the dogs, “you certainly art our mistress, but you have never done us a favor, and the orphans were kind to us.”

The gates replied: “We were always ready to obey you, but you neglect us, and the dear children smoothed us with oil.”

In a hurry, Baba Yaga set off in her broom to find the children, forgetting about her towel and comb. When the children heard her, they threw the towel and a wide and blue river appeared.

Baba Yaga crossed the river. Upon hearing her again, the twins threw down the comb, and a forest appeared- so dark, dusky and intertwined. She never passed the forest and returned home very very angry.

The children ran and rushed to their father, where they told him of all their troubles in great distress. The father, realizing what an evil deed the stepmother had done, sent her away and lived a new and good life with his good children.

It all began in the 15th century in Germany when a young copupe who just got married where approaching a bridge when an old witch and her sheeps blocked their way. The groom was a Count, and ordered the crone to go away. When she was not able to move instantly because of it was night, the Count took his whip and hit the witch.

Brides Head BridgeBleeding and cowering, the witch put a curse on the carriage. When the carriage crossed the bridge the horses shied away, and the bride was thrown into the rushing water below and was never seen again. Until this day, it ia said that on Halloween a headless bride can be seen standing on the rcks in the middle of the river, either looking for her head or for her groom. From then on, the bride was named “ Bride’s Head”.