The majority of witches today belong to the wicca religion. the word ‘witch’ is derived from the old English word ‘Wicce’ (meaning wise one) – and ‘Wicca (meaning healer). Wicca is a religion meaning harmony with nature. It is a modern pagan religion celebrating Earth and nature, founded in the 1940s. Wiccans celebrate 8 Sabbats or sacred days each year corresponding to seasonal changes or historical harvest times.

Traditional witches were skilled in herbs and healing. Magick is more practical then ceremonial. Traditional witches do not believe in harming. It is the responsibility of the witch how the Magick is used.

Traditional witches broomsticks were a symbol of magical powers and used to cleanse the area were magic was to be performed. Witches used the brooms to help go through the woods and jump over streams So people thought they were flying. Witches also used a knife called a Athame, it was a double edged knife with usually a black handle. Witches had wands that were considered part of the life force of the witch. They were made of hazelwood, silver, ebony or gold.

In the past ccusations of witchcraft often came about as a way to keep an intelligent women from threatening male supremacy. They were also put upon someone who was a little out of the norm. This is what happened in Salem.

Are witches and wizards bad? The answer must be yes and no. Take a look through history to determine what the final answer may be. Within medieval times, the kings and queens sought out relief for sickness from the local practitioner, considered a witch. These women, had a robust knowledge of natural medicine and could heal people with their brews. As time passed the church set forth condemning these women that the term witch became synonymous with evil.

Most beliefs of witches were rooted in supernatural and spiritual powers. People started to believe that with all these things witches had powers beyond normal people. They also started to believe that a witches power came from somewhere other then God. Witches after all could do all sorts of weird stuff, like turn themselves into cats – well, right? Cats were believed to be spirts of the dead.

Halloween is a night to honor ancestors, celebrate the harvest, and ring in the New Year which occurs on November 1st.