Casting spells is one of the most important practice in Wicca. There are literally thousands of witch spells available that can help in achieving your desired outcome. There are existing spells and there are those which are created (but this requires practice).
Witches BroomHere we get to know 4 existing spells . They are categorized broadly, and there are those which will require tools. It is necessary to note the rules of Wicca before you proceed: Wiccan Rede, “ if you harm none, do what you will “ and the threefold law, “all good and the harm that a person does to another returns threefold in this life “. Now that you’re ready, let’s cast some spells!

Spell for Protection
1. The Golden Mist Spell: This simple protection spell doesn’t need any material. It is intended to create an aura (golden orb) around your body to maintain or soak yourself with positive energy.
Effective: This is a spell you can use when surrounded by negative thoughts
or when you’re in the company of people who may dampen your positive
Limitations: It doesn’t protect you from more dangerous foes, like demons
or curses.

Instructions: Clear your mind and recite this incantation:
The breath of life
And the light of my mind
Creates an enchantment
Of protection and comfort
As the air I breathe is purified
I surround myself with an orb of gold
This golden haze
Is constantly purified
And separated from any negativity
May my space be protected

Spell for Healing
(2) Incantation for Self-Healing from the Dark Rose Coven.
This incantation must be chanted during full moon to be effective.

Healing moon lead your power,
bring me peace this very hour
I call upon your strength and might
bless your child this secret night

Spell for Finding True Love
Witches Shoes(3) Key to your Heart Spell by Angele Farrar
This Spell is effective and easy and short. It must also be done on a Friday night. When performed perfectly, the spell will bring in new love within a month.

• 3 candles (gold, silver and red)
• 2 red roses
• 1 horseshoe
• 1 key
• 1 silk scarf (red)
o Effective: It may take two weeks before effectiveness of spell shows.
o Instructions:Light the candles and put them in the altar. Wrap the rest of your materials in the red silk scarf. Once wrapped, carefully pass it through the candle fire heat, then hide it in your drawer (underwear drawer) for two weeks. After 2 weeks, take out the bundle, put the horseshoe and key somewhere safe inside your home and bury the roses.

Spell for Finance
Witch on a broom(4) A Spell to Attract Cash from the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells by Michael Johnstone .
This spell is aimed to make you a bit more plentiful within one week and one day.

• A square of green cloth
• Allspice
• Borage
• Lavender and Saffron
• Three silver coins
• Gold and silver thread
Instructions: Take each coin and breathe on it while uttering words like:
Spirit of Air, to you I pray,
Send some money down my way.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Once done, put the coins in the cloth (formed like a bag). Tie four knots in the gold and silver thread each and use these to tie the bag. Lastly, keep the bag safe in a cool, dark place.