Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner (1954)Authored by the leader of modern Wicca, it discusses the Wiccan practices in England,tackling history, existing covens, practices and beliefs of the modern Witches. Gardner talked further about Witchcraft in relation to the Knights Templar. The foreword of the book states: “I have been told by witches in England: ‘Write and tell people we are not perverts. We are decent people, we only want to be left alone, but there are certain secrets that you mustn’t give away.’. For people who want to delve into the Gardnerian Wiccan way of life, this book is best recommended.
The ABC of Witchcraftby Doreen ValienteComing from the view of a practicing witch, An ABC of Witchcraft provides extensive information to anything witch-related. Like Gardner, it discusses over 125 subjects under witchcraft including Druids, Fire Magic, Charms, Initiations and more.
Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond BucklandThis comprehensive workbook will guide initiates to know more about Witchcraft history, tools, ceremonies and sacred days. Within the book are several exercises to gauge and step-by-step instructions to improve your knowledge and skills of the Craft. With its easily understandable format and extensive content, the book has received numerous positive reviews from renowned authors the like of Dorothy Morrison and Ed Fitch.
Wicca by Scott CuninghamServing as introduction to modern Wicca, Cunningham wrote the book also to share his Wiccan philosophy, to guide all witches in the way they live. He further offers insights on the lives of Solitary witches, magick and religion in general, the beliefs of modern Wicca and its surrounding issues.
Living Wicca by Scott CuninghamAs continuation, Living Wicca will benefit most those who seek solitary practice. Delving into faith and religion, Cunningham intends to guide witches in reaching a new level in their practice, help in understanding the faith better and aid to developing their own rituals and practices.
The Craft by Dorothy MorrisonMorrison writes an introductory guide for the new initiates to the religion. It’s a complete book that discusses Wiccan history, beliefs and practices, as well as provide guidelines and instructions from a seasoned Witch to practicing the Art the right way.
The Witches Bible by Steart and Janet FarrarThe Complete Witches’ Handbook by Janet Farrar and Stewart Farrar (1996): The Witches’ Bible is defined by the name itself.. It offers a comprehensive list of all tools, spells, rites, consecration, symbols and the Sabbats of the modern-day witch.