Bloody Heart on a PlateteRecently I ran across a link for “chocolate baby heads” for Easter? Now think about that – Sounds weird doesn’t it? Its more then weird – check out this news clip It’s the chocky horror show: baby’s head is more Halloween fright than Easter egg
I am an adventurous person with an open mind. I like to try new things – ah, but I don’t know about some of the creep confections offered on this website. Still, seems like they might make an interesting center piece for a Halloween event. They have chocolate skulls – both animal and human. There are magical cakes, cupcakes and assorted sweets and treats – like white chocolate chili popcorn.

Please call 0121 443 1714/ 07890 480952 or email for a accurate quote on ordering a cake. ah,,,,,,,,,well, if you dare.