There has been a lot written about kids Halloween party games. Children between the ages of four to ten can be a handful especially when they are excited. So, you need to capture their energy and everyone will have more fun

Pumpkin Bowling – this is a game where you fill ten looking good bottles with stones or gravel, you can draw silly faces on them and then use a small pumpkin as the bowling ball. The child who knocks the most over wins.

Musical Headstones – use strong cardboard boxex for this one or nice plastic containers. You can decorate them with spray paint or cover them with sheets – say sevenish chairs – 8 kids, fancy Halloween music and march em around the chairs and when the music stops they all must sit down on a gravestone. The one who cannot find one is out – repeat removing a chair each time.

Ghost Hunt – or pumpkin hunt – This is like the easter egg hunt except use pumpkins or ghosts with treats. It will get the kids up and moving.

Mummy Wrap – draw straws to see who is going to be the mummy or mummies. Then have a group of kids wrap em in toilet paper – messy but what fun. Divide the kids into teams. The first team done with the best wrapped mummy wins.

Cupcake Decorating Contest. – provide the room, the cupcakes, the supplies to decorate em with and let the imaginations run wild. Then the adults get to decide who wins.

Pass the Pumpkin – pumpkins come in all sizes – or use a small gourd, ties the hands behind the back, divide the group into teams and start passing the pumpkin down each line from under the first childs chin. This ought to be fun.