Skulls and skeletons have always been associated with death. And death, as we all know, is celebrated, yes, even made fun of, during Halloween! You can this Halloween go all the way. Bedeck your house and lawn with a bunch of fake bones to really put the flavor on the occasion. Have a skeleton-themed Halloween celebration.

If you have a respectable budget for this year’s celebration, it would probably be a good idea to buy a few life-sized skeletons. Aside from the usual theatrical and party supply shops like Halloween Mart, Fright Catalog and Spirit Halloween, you can go to Ebay and Amazon. Or, please look at our store for them Life Sized Skeleton The best skeleton for your hard-earned bones, Bargain Basement Skeleton is a full 5 feet tall weighs in at 7lbs. Measures 12″ at the shoulders and is fully flexible at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and jaw. It also includes a heavy twine rope from the neck and hang tag.

Arrange these life-sized skeletons in various poses inside and around your house. Hang some from your ceiling and sit some on chairs and on the stair. Dress them up funny or dress them up scary. For your front lawn, you can pick up some nice ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. Dangle them from your trees and sit them on your porch or garden set. You can also buy a couple of plastic bone-skull fence sections from Spirit Halloween to line up your walkway or your yard to complete the spooky mood of the day.

Alternatively, you can just make your own life-sized, albeit 2-dimensional, skeletons. This will be easier on the budget and will be more emotionally rewarding especially when you will be working with your kids. You will first have to download a life-sized skeleton print-out. This is the link to a good child-sized skeleton facsimile Print, cut and assemble following the instructions provided in the link. You can use your imagination to make assorted skeleton decorations based on the facsimile. For instance you can glue the print-out on thin plywood or art foam sheets and color them with fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark paint. You can also cut up your facsimile into sections which you can re-assemble with wire or thread to make a movable skeleton.

Here is another resource for a facsimile life-sized skeleton courtesy of Ravens Blight, a maker of free paper toys and a creator of various forms of Gothic art. The facsimile of the human skeleton provided in this link stands 5’4” when assembled. It was created from photographs of casts made from actual human remains and is therefore anatomically very accurate. You can print and make as many life-sized skeletons as you need. You can set some in permanent poses and you can have some with movable limbs dangling or hanging eerily from above.

Want a glowing skull in lieu of the traditional jack-o-lantern? Make one from papier-mache. Use a balloon as mold. Just wrap masking tape around the balloon to form the jawline. Cover with tissue paper or old newspapers soaked in starch. Once dried, pop the balloon and cut and paint as desired. Light it up with a battery-powered lamp inside. Of course, you can also buy a ready-made glowing skull from your favorite Halloween supply shop if need be.

  • Skeleton made from a Balloon
  • Skeleton made from a balloon